What is a County Supervisor?

Did you know that Contra Costa County has a $3.4 billion annual budget, 1 million residents, and over 9,000 County employees who make decisions that impact you and your family every day? A County Supervisor leads and sets policies to make sure that the right decisions are made so that your tax dollars are used to maximize your quality of life.Supervisor Andersen sends out a Monthly Newsletter

Please visit my County website to learn more about my County Supervisor office.  Each month I send out an E-Newsletter updating constituents about issues and events in District 2.  Past issues can be found here.  If you would like to receive my E-Newsletter, please  join my list.

Working Together with City Councils

Our Contra Costa City Councils do an exceptional job overseeing their cities’ Planning and Land Use, Parks, Recreation, Police, Public Works, and  Transportation issues.  For those who live in unincorporated areas such as Alamo, Saranap, Parkmead, or Canyon, the Board of Supervisors fulfill that same roll.

The County also provides many of the services our cities don’t, including the welfare health, and human services rendered to those in need.  We are the safety net for the community.

Some of the County departments include Agriculture, Tax Assessor, Child Support Services, Clerk -Recorder, District Attorney, Elections Office, Employement & Human Services (Cal Fresh, Cal Works, Medi-Cal, Adult Protective Services, Foster Care & Adoption), Environmental Health, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials, Library System, Mental Health, Probation, Public Defender, Public Health, Tax Collector, Veterans Services, and Weights and Measures.

We have 5 elected supervisors from specific districts.  Every 10 yeas after the census, we are redistricted. I am the County Supervisor for District 2, which includes the communities of: San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek (part), Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda. It also includes some of the smaller unincorporated areas of the County including Saranap, Parkmead and Canyon.

Candace Andersen - Supervisorial Districts

Candace Andersen – Supervisorial Districts

Making the Tough Decisions

Supervisors make land use decisions for unincorporated areas such as the Tassajara Valley and Saranap. They set policies and allocate funds to many different services provided by the County including law enforcement, fire protection, jails, libraries, health and mental health services, social services, transportation, and transit.

They also appoint  County department heads, provide compensation for County officials and employees, award contracts for public works, and adopt an annual budget. County Supervisors are valuable assets to our cities; they sit on boards with City Council members and advocate for the cities in their district.

Experience Matters
As the District 2 Supervisor, I have extensive past experience that helps me be a successful leader for our county. Before being elected to the board, I was finishing my second term as Mayor of Danville, and entering my ninth year on the Town Council. I also served on the Morgan Hill City Council in the early 1990’s. I have served on over 60 boards and commissions for more than 25 years.

I started out my legal career as a criminal prosecutor. I know how important it is to have safe communities and that’s why our County’s law enforcement leaders endorsed me when I ran in both 2012 and 2016. They knew that I would prioritize public safety to keep our County safe.

We are addressing the unfunded pension liability in the County will continue to work to stop pension abuses. I currenlty serve on the Contra Costa County Employee’s Retirement Association Board.  When I took office in 2012 our pensions were only 69% funded.  In 2017 we are 84.5% funded.

As your County Supervisor, I strive to maintain our exceptional quality of life. Despite my years in elected office, I do not consider myself a “politician,” but just another member of the community who helps out where she is needed.

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